As soon as Milan was awarded the honour of organising the 2015 Woerld Expo, the City of Milan, the Rotary District 2040 and the Expo Organising Company decided to join forces to develop an innovative and sustainable methodological and practical model to improve the nutritional, sanitary and economic conditions of an impoverished rural community.

The project AQUAPLUS has been successfully implemented firstly in Haiti and then replicated in Tanzania and South Sudan, consistently with local endogenous development needs. Therefore, it can be considered as one example of the important tangibe legacy of the 2015 World Expo around the world.

Building on this experience, Rotary has requested WePLAN to develop a comprehensive proposal for a more structured local development programme to be applied to other areas affected by strong migration flows towards Europe: a little tile in a wider mosaic of cooperation programmes, to support sub-Saharan countries in offering concrete economic opportunities to rural communities and hopefully inverting current migratory trends.