Ryder Cup 2022

Following the successful collaboration between the Italian Golf Federation and Weplan to gain the right to host the Rome 2022 Ryder Cup, our team supported Federgolf in the Project Management of the functional areas to be developed, and in revising the event budget.

Matera European Capital of Culture 2019

matera 2019

In March 2018, Weplan was selected to provide organisational consulting to the Matera 2019 Foundation.

The activities our team was in charge of, included:

  • assessing each Functional Area workload, optimising workflows, and revising the org chart accordingly
  • analysing the management process in place to implement the cultural projects listed in the bid dossier
  • planning the activities of the Cultural Programme to ensure an optimal and timely delivery of the event

Expo 2017 Astana

astana 2017

In partnership with CSM Strategic, our multidisciplinary team supported the Expo Astana Organising Committee in developing the Functional Area Operating Plans and the Expo site Operating Plan needed to properly manage the Event.

Support in developing a City Operations Programme, aimed to prepare the City to stage the event, as well an Expo Readiness Programme, was also part of Weplan’s scope of work

World Expo 2020 Dubai

expo 2020 dubai

Weplan supported the Dubai World Expo 2020 Committee in developing a dedicated Master Programme outlining the key operational milestones of the whole event cycle. 

Based on a backward planning approach, 1,300 milestones have been identified for 37 functional areas involved in organising the event.

World Expo 2015 Milano

Milano 2015

Weplan staff supported the City of Milan in the development of the “City Operations” Programme, planning all the services that the city has to deliver in order to stage successfully the 2015 World Expo.

Our team was also involved in the development of a Master Programme, identifying “must do” projects, in 10 different areas of activity, and of the City Command Centre, to oversee the smooth running of the activities falling under the city’s responsibility during the Expo. This included the development of a risk assessment and risk management plan.

London Olympic Games 2012 Organising Committee

londra 2012

As an expert of the IOC, Roberto Daneo conceived and conducted an initial workshop on the City Operations Programme, aimed at planning all the services that the relevant London Authorities had to put in place to stage successfully the London Olympic Games.